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About US

Incorporated in 2001, Mazenet solution is a fast-growing IT workforce development enterprise that offers a network of resources to help organizations identify and apply innovative and sustainable solutions to a range of issues to optimize their business performance. The company has developed expertise across different verticals: Workforce Development & Augmentation, System Integration & Automation, Project Execution, and Engineering.

Mazenet, backed by an exceptionally skilled and strong workforce of over 200+ professionals has a proven record of supporting 1000+ marquee clients worldwide with the knowledge and skills to improve their business performance.

Armed with an ISO certification, Mazenet strives to deliver high-quality and result-oriented services in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Contract Staffing
For Offshore Software Development Services

Sourcing the right candidate for developing and maintaining a robust IT infrastructure can make the winning difference for your businesses. However, the ever-evolving IT trends and demands could have you constantly looking for quality resources. A Contingent workforce could be the perfect solution to such seasonal projects and demands. Your company can focus on core business practices without the additional stress of running and managing a software or worrying about the skillset availability.

Mazenet’s Contract Staffing is for your IT requirements that only last a stipulated period. You can hire resources for an hour/week/month, Mazenet can give you cost-efficient resources immediately without any wait time. Our resources are highly creative, trusted and skilled developers with an average experience of 7 years in their domain, working on cutting-edge technologies across multiple business verticals. Mazenet has helped startups, businesses, organizations and SMEs to hire dedicated developers on a contract basis with simple NDA’s.

In-Demand Technologies

The following is the most asked for technical stack in Mobile App Development, Web App Development, ERP Solution, eCom Solution, CMS services, ML & AI, Augmented Reality etc. Mazenet has certified resources and experienced project managers in the listed technology stack and also in all the core and niche streams.


Coding Standards

It is a well-known fact that coding standards are essential for successful implementation of a program. We ensure that each and every Line of Code written by our developers are consistent and can be easily maintained.

  • Scalability


Ensure that the program can work seamlessly with large sets of records (millions or billions of records) at optimum performance levels.

  • Security


Ensure that the security measures are taken in the fronts of Authentication, authorization, input data validation against security threats such as SQL injections, XSS, encrypting sensitive data etc

  • Maintainable


Ensure that the Code requires just the least amount of effort to identify and fix defects.

  • Readability


Appropriate names are used for classes, functions, tables etc to ensure that it is logically structured and is easy to read.

  • Configurability


No hard coding and all the configurable values are stored on files or tables such that no code changes will be required if the data is changed frequently.

  • Reusability


Functionalities once defined are called again wherever applicable, avoiding repetitions in the code .

  • Extensibility


New enhancement can be achieved easily with minimal changes to the existing code.

  • Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions

Standard naming conventions will be used through the project.

Why Us?

We have spent the last 21 years in the workforce development sector and have therefore, fostered a strong network of professionals in both the core and niche technologies pan India. So no matter what your IT requirements are, we have got you covered! You can now focus and grow your core competencies while our bespoke contract staffing services get the job done!!!

We offer affordable and flexible services on an hourly/monthly/yearly basis. We can provide adept manpower as per your specific requirements be it 1 or 100. We work to transform your ideas into reality, while respecting your secrecy and confidentiality.

  • 20+ years of
  • 100%
    Client Satisfaction
  • A large pool of quality
    Workforce database
  • Catering to organizations
    in manufacturing,
    retail agro,etc
  • No freelancers
  • Fleibility to hire on hourly /
    monthly / yearly basis
  • Affordable costs
    for short
    term projects
  • Talented resources from
    1 to any
    required number
  • 20+ years of Experience
  • 100%Client Satisfaction
  • A large pool of qualityWorkforce database
  • Catering to organizations in manufacturing, retail agro,etc
  • No freelancers
  • Fleibility to hire on hourly / monthly year basis
  • Affordable costs for short term projects
  • Talented resources from 1 to any required number
  • Cost-effective
  • Avoids Overstaffing
  • Flexible Staffing Duration
    Flexible Staffing
  • Hire only Certified domain experts
    Hire only Certified
    domain experts
  • Turn Ideas into Reality
    Turn Ideas into Reality

  • Security & Confidentiality of your Idea
    Security & Confidentiality
    of your Idea

  • Result driven
  • Devops Approach
    Devops Approach
  • Guaranteed Transparency
  • Adherence to quality standards
    Adherence to quality

Is IT Contract Staffing the best option for me?

IT Contract Staffing is ideal for companies whose functional area is in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, agro, etc. Our services are for companies who want to step out of the norm and create their own standard instead of following the standard available brands for their IT requirements.

Contract Staffing is the best solution for short-term IT skillset needs or if there is a particular skill requirement just for an one-time project. It is best then to hire a temporary resource and work with them until the requirement is fulfilled. Contract Staffing is also a far superior alternative to outsourcing, since it is easier to have your projects aligned with your objectives when the resource is working along with you in your premises.

Let our experts build your software!



Just submit your enquiry here, and we will do the rest for you.

You will have a developer working on your project within 3 - 5 business days.

Yes, If you have opted for the monthly billing cycle, our developer will work exclusively for you. If you are in the hourly billing cycle, our developer will work exclusively for you during the stipulated hours.

Mazenet promises continuity, contingency and security in our contract staffing services. Your project and its source code will be built only in your environment.

Mazenet and our developers will not have any copy or rights over your project and its code, until and unless you explicitly instruct otherwise

Our resources can work in any timezone and location you want them to. If you want them to support you remotely, just schedule your meetings and our resource will attend them on time.

Mazenet provides 3 alternatives: hourly, weekly and monthly billing cycles. You can choose whichever option suits you best.

Mazenet provides manpower for all IT technologies. Some of the most asked for technologies are:

  • Mobility: Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic
  • Front end & Full Stack: Angular, VUE.JS, REACT, MEAN, MERN
  • Backend: .NET, Java, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Python, Node JS
  • Blockchain & ML: Chatbot, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contract, ML & AI

Mazenet provides manpower for industries that come under Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail and e-Commerce, Logistics, Construction, Insurance, Education, Public Sector, Media and Entertainment domain.

Mazenet only employs domain experts whose codes focus on security and scalability. Our projects are standardised to function for many decades.

The manpower Mazenet provides will build projects exclusively for you. You will be the owner of the source code and can use them anytime at no additional costs. The project will be built entirely in your environment and Mazenet will not have any access or rights until and unless you explicitly instruct otherwise.